The Barriefield Village Association was founded in 2010 to conserve the heritage of the village of Barriefield, the first Heritage Conservation District in Ontario which was designated in 1980. The BVA is made up of residents and property owners who work together to ensure development in the village is compatible with heritage guidelines and that heritage properties are protected. We also engage in policy issues: we were actively involved in the City of Kingston’s update to the new Barriefield Heritage Conservation District Plan in 2016 and we work towards ensuring heritage protection at City Hall is transparent and accountable. The BVA also engages in activities to showcase and celebrate Barriefield’s unique history and culture.

Current Board
President: Christine Sypnowich
Treasurer: David Bakhurst
Members: David Craig, Pierre Du Prey, Cheang Ghee Khoo, Craig Sims

Associate Membership
The BVA welcomes Associate Members, individuals who live outside of Barriefield and share our mission. Please contact the BVA Treasurer, David Bakhurst, if you are interested: